Climbing Offers

Climbing Mallorca

Climbing Offers

  • Climbing with lessons 6 hours: 50 euros per person. (recommended for beginners)
  • Climbing with guide and equipment 4 hours: 40 euros per person.
  • Climbing with guide and equipment 3 hours: 30 euros per person.
  • Rental climbing gear: 5 euros to 30 euros per day.
  • Rappel 3 hours: 30 euro per person.
  • Trekking tours 4 to 5 hours: Place and Price by request.
  • Rock climbing is a great way to get connect with nature and sharing a fascinating view with an exciting sports. This is a recent sports that is popular to do in Mallorca beside the sea. Learn from the experts the proper techniques to reach the summit!


    5 to 6 Hours Climbing with lessons:

    This rock climbing with lessons will give you a clear view of lead climbing and holding a lead climber. We start around 10:00 at a indoor setup in Palma city, 3 hours of fun and full of information, where we learn about knots, carabines, ropes, all equipment, belays, harness, basic security. After a lunch or snack, we drive to a real rock to practice what we have learned for 2 to 3 hours. Recomended for beginners!

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    Climbing with Lessons

    • Learn how to hold other!
    • Learn knots and how to use them.
    • Learn how to lead a climbing route.
    • Pratice all you learn with a guide.
    • Test your Adrenaline!
    • For more photos check out our facebook!

    3 or 4 Hours Climbing with guide and equipment:

    Perfect for any person who knows how to climb a bit or has climbing expirience outdoors or indoors and want to try outdoors! we offer a guide and equipment on the best spots near Palma! The guide will all ways help in your skill progression or just be there for asistence and tell you about Mallorca best spots!.

    3 Climbing rental gear:

    Tour details:

    Location : Genova, San agustin or Valdemossa

    Minimum of persons : 2

    Maximum of persons : 8

    Minimum Age : 10

    Difficulty : Easy

    Meeting point : To be confirm

    Start time : 10:00, 14:00, 16:00 and for groups open time

    Pick up service : 5 extra per person

    Services included : Tour guide, equipment, water, sun blocker, photos and videos are included.

    Recommendations : Sports shoes or sandals, sun glasses, extra cash for the bar stops.

    Cancelation conditions : 2 days in advance for reservations and 2 days in advance for cancelations.

    Climbing mallorca

    Rent a equipment with us

    • We have equipment from Declathon CE,
    • We have equipment for 3 leading Climber.
    • All rope are 60 mts.
    • We give maps.
    • 1 Week rental also available!
    • For more photos check out our facebook!

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