Flyboard Offers

flyboard Mallorca

Flyboard Offers

  • Flyboard 1 person 20 min: 79.
  • Flyboard 1 person 30 min: 120.
  • Flyboard 1 to 4 persons 60 min: 240.
  • Flyboard rental Mallorca
    Flyboard 1 to 4 persons
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    1 hour
    Feel the water power!!


    The Flyboard is a new water sport. A board under your feet with two powerful jets down allows you to fly over water, immerse yourself in it, jumping like a dolphin and do all kinds of tricks. It's an amazing feeling, just try to understand. The Flyboard is easier to practice than it sounds. Everyone gets to fly the first time. It requires physical strength, but balance and, above all, be comfortable playing in the water.

    flyboard mallorca

    Who can do it!

    • Contrary to what it may seem, the Flyboard is a sport for
    • (almost) everyone, very little physically demanding. For
    • beginners, a good physical form does not give too many
    • advantages. Anyone over 18 years (or 16 patern authorization)
    • with normal mobility can practice Flyboard

    Tour details:

    Location : Ask for more information

    Minimum of persons : 1

    Maximum of persons per day: 16

    Minimum Age : 18 and 16 with patern aithorization

    Difficulty : Easy 95% all elevate over water

    Available months : june to september

    Meeting point : ask for information

    Start time : 9:00 to 13:00 and 17:00 to 19:00

    Pick up service : 5 extra per person

    Services included : Tour guide, equipment.

    Recommendations : Swimsuit, sun protection. dry clothes for after activity

    Cancelation conditions : 1 days in advance for reservations and 1 days in advance for cancelations.

    Groups above 4:

    For group we offer special prices, do not hesitate in contacting us for more information!

    Flyboard mallorca

    Private lessons

    • 1 hour 300,
    • We can take our equipment where you like! .
    • Take the adventue with you!.
    • Great fun.
    • email us for more info!

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