Paragliding Offers


paragliding Offers: Depending of wind

  • 1 person 20 min: Alcudia only June July Agust 85 p/p + 15 video
  • 1 person 25 min to 35 min: Near Palma east 100 p/p includes video
  • 1 person 25 min to 35 min: Tramuntana 100 p/p + 25 video
  • 1 person 25 min to 35 min: Tramuntana acrobat 150 p/p + 25 video
  • If you have ever dreamed of flying, now is your time. Discover the free flight with a two-seater paragliding, an easy but unforgetable way to know the sky and its sensations, feeling free like a bird. You have the chance to try it, and in case you don't want to, you can also give it away to someone else. After flying with us you will be fit to do a paragliding initiation course in our school. o perform a two-seater flight the passenger doesn't need any experience, any person can fly, children and elders. To take over you only need to take a few steps and before you realize you will be flying. We have various flying areas in Mallorca depending on the wind intensity and direction. The main flying area is Alcudia since in its two bays we find the perfect conditions to perform this sport in Summertime. Besides it shows an uncomparable landscape to overfly above the mountains, sea and beach. The paragliding allows us flying with a wind between 0 to 30 Km/h. We usually get it in Summer and ocasionally in Winter, leaving Spring and Autumn in an intermediate place. The flight reservation and performance will depend on the weather. Do I have to dive to perform the flight? No, you don't have to jump nor dive since the wind takes us up. Can I fly if I feel vertigo? Yes, you can. When you take off the vertigo disappears as you lose reference from the ground. How is the bump when you land? There is no bump. You only have to take some steps to stop. Can I get dizzy? It is not very probable, if you don't usually feel motion sickness, you won't so when paragliding eventhough it is not recommended to eat or drink excessively right before the flight.

    Paragliding details:

    Location : Alcudia.

    Minimum of persons : 1

    Maximum of persons : 4

    Minimum Age : 18

    Difficulty : Easy

    Start time : 12:00 to 17:00

    Pick up service : 15 extra per person, 2 persons min.

    Services included : training and equipment.

    Recommendations : Sports shoes.

    Cancelation conditions : 2 days in advance for reservations and 2 days in advance for cancelations.

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